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Comparing in-the-moment skill coaching effects from tailored versus non-tailored Acceptance and Commitment Therapy mobile apps in a non-clinical sample

There is growing research demonstrating that mobile apps can be used to improve mental health and help address many common psychological disorders (e.g., Firth et al., 2017; Torous, Levin, Ahern & Oser, 2017). Typically, these apps teach new psychological skills to users to learn how to better cope with difficult …

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Executive Attention Moderates the Effect of Trait Anxiety on Hyperarousal Symptoms

People differ in the ability to control what they pay attention to, especially when they experience emotional distress. Drs. Bardeen and Fergus previously identified this difference in executive attention as a potentially important variable for understanding how posttraumatic stress develops and is maintained. This research study further supports those prior …

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