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The Efficacy of Randomised Controlled Trials of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Perfectionism: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

       Perfectionism has been linked to anxiety, depression and eating disorders.  It has been argued to be a ‘transdiagnostic process’, meaning it cuts across diagnostic boundaries and may put a person at risk of various mental health problems and also keep the problems going.  Treatment of perfectionism is a specific …

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The Impact of Internet-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Perfectionism on Different Measures of Perfectionism: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Despite being a popular target for research in psychology, perfectionism has been difficult to define. However, researchers generally agree that self-imposed perfectionism involves setting yourself overly high, and often unrealistic, standards for what you want to achieve, along with making huge efforts to reach these standards, being self-critical when you …

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One Factor? Two Factor? Bi-Factor? A psychometric evaluation of the Frost Multidimensional Scale and the Clinical Perfectionism Questionnaire

Perfectionism is associated with anxiety, depression and eating disorders.  Despite this, many researchers have argued there are benefits to being a perfectionist.  The research however is not clear whether there are benefits because the components within perfectionism appear to be overlapping, which challenges the idea that that being perfectionist is …

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Efficacy of brief guided self-help cognitive behavioral treatment for perfectionism in reducing perinatal depression and anxiety: A randomized controlled trial

Depression affects at least 10% of women in pregnancy, and the negative impact of post-natal depression and anxiety on mothers and babies is well documented. Women are often very short of time in this demanding period of their life, and examining if a very brief, self-help approach to treatment is …

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