Anxiety Sensitivity, COVID-19 Fear, and Mental Health: Results From a United States Population Sample

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly had global physical, social, economic, and psychological impact worldwide. Across the world, there are approximately 95 million cases of COVID-19 with over 2 million people who have died as a result ( In the United States, approximately 400,000 people have died with over 2 million …

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Difficulties with emotion regulation and drinking during the COVID-19 pandemic among undergraduates: the serial mediation of COVID-related distress and drinking to cope with the pandemic

As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to spread rapidly across the U.S., the impact of the pandemic on behavioral and mental health remain unclear. Although it is normative to experience anxiety and fear in the face of an on-going health threat such as the COVID-19 pandemic, some individuals may …

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Worry about COVID-19 in relation to cognitive-affective smoking processes among daily adult combustible cigarette smokers

The global Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is colliding with mental and physical health comorbidities. Tobacco use persists as the global leading cause of preventable death and disability and is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, lung disorders, cancers, diabetes, and hypertension – conditions thought to exacerbate COVID-19 symptom …

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