Psychometric Evaluation of the Swedish Multidimensional Psychological Flexibility Inventory (MPFI)

Psychological flexibility is kind of like physical flexibility, it lets you do the things that are important to you even when there are obstacles in your way. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is thus far the method used to increase psychological flexibility and it has been shown to be effective in hundreds of studies. Psychological flexibility has a promising place as one of the most important aspects of mental health and purposeful living (living meaningful lives), but it has proven difficult to measure. So far, the most complete measure seems to be the MPFI because it taps in to how we think and feel both in terms of adaptive and maladaptive behavioural patterns. The fact that the MPFI allows for the measurement of both flexibility and its inverse, inflexibility, regarding the overarching structure in addition to their respective underlying processes, makes it unique. We have translated the MPFI into Swedish and hundreds of people have responded to it, allowing us to conduct analyses looking at how well it works and how to interpret the results. Our results show that the Swedish MPFI broadly conforms to agreed-upon standards for these types of measures. We also show that the underlying processes of psychological flexibility relate to health in different ways. This supports the instrument’s usefulness in everyday mental health clinical practice and future research applications.

Read the full paper: Tabrizi, F. F., Larsson, A., Grönvall, H., Söderstrand, L., Hallén, E., Champoux-Larsson, M. F., … & Jansson, B. (2022). Psychometric Evaluation of the Swedish Multidimensional Psychological Flexibility Inventory (MPFI). Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

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