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Do eating disorder voice characteristics predict treatment outcomes in anorexia nervosa? A pilot study.

Eating disorder cognitions are frequently reported as a symptom of the condition. Individuals often go further in their descriptions and commonly report something more than simply cognitions, but rather describe the phenomenon of an ‘eating disorder voice’. This voice is much like a commentator accompanying one through their day-today experience, …

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Meta-analysis of the effects of cognitive-behavioral therapy on the core eating disorder maintaining mechanisms: Implications for mechanisms of therapeutic change

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is the most effective psychological treatment for a variety of eating disorder presentations in adults. However, little is known about how, why, or through what mechanisms, CBT achieves its effects. The cognitive theory that underpins cognitive-behavioural treatment proposes that CBT “works” through modifying dietary restraint and dysfunctional …

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